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How Safe is Your Electrical Wiring ?
The Hidden Dangers !

In most cases, wiring is concealed behind walls, under floors or in the loft spaces and as a result of this deterioration often goes unnoticed. When it comes to electrical safety regrettably for many customers it really is a case of "out of sight out of mind".

That's why even if you're not experiencing problems it's important not to assume that your electrical installation is OK, even a car with bald tyres still runs!

Older electrical installations are especially vulnerable as they were not intended to cope with the number of electrical appliances now found in the average home. Fuse boxes utilized fuse wire designed to protect cable rather than the modern RCD type consumer units designed to protect people. Cables dating back to the 1960s often didn't even have earth wire

Each year in the UK over 130 fires occur every single day many of which could have been prevented by a simple RCD type fuse box.

Gas and water services should have earth wires attached to them to prevent the metal pipe work becoming live under faulty conditions but again although common practice now this was not the case years ago.

Our Solution - FREE Electrical Safety Check

Because we take customers electrical safety seriously we offer a free visual safety check to domestic home owners and provide free information and advice with no obligation quote to rectify any electrical problems identified. Land lords, home buyers and businesses can purchase a full electrical report for their commercial properties with test readings to BS7671 standards at a negotiated price.

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